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Apostolic Training Institute (ATI)

Apostolic Training Institute (ATI) is a distance learning opportunity that provides quality training in ministry and leadership development. The curriculum is designed to provide both theory and practical applications for those preparing for future labor, as well as those already engaged in ministry.

Goals of Program

  • Provide future leaders with the necessary tools to succeed in ministry and leadership.
  • Provide pastors with resources to equip and develop leaders in their local church.
  • Assist prospective leaders in finding their place in service and ministry.

Intended Participants

Lay leaders, ministers, and others preparing for leadership roles in Apostolic ministry

Ways to Implement the Training

The training is flexible enough to be incorporated in a variety of formats. In some areas, it is used as a mid-week break-out session for church leaders. Other sites have joined with multiple churches and used an all day Saturday class or an evening of the week to offer the coursework. Modules do not have to be presented in any particular order, so a ministry may choose the modules most relevant to their needs. Modules may also be repeated on a regular basis.

Course Leadership

The program curriculum is based on distance education techniques and proven methodologies. Experienced instructors, recognized in their fields, will lead course modules.

Course Structure

The certificate program comprises twelve modules with four units each. This will involve 100 - 120 hours of instruction, directed study, and classroom activity. These modules incorporate conceptual knowledge into practical learning experience in 5-10 hours of instruction and activities per module. Supplementary reading and study materials will also be included. Students who complete all the training receive an Apostolic Training Institute Certificate.

What to Expect

The course content is divided into 12 modules, each containing 4 units. Each module is dedicated to a specific distance learning topic. In addition to readings, you will engage in discussions with course guides and classmates. There will also be some simple projects to complete. These are not graded, but there will be responses from course instructors and other participants.


Course tuition for the student is $20.00 per four unit module, and $99.00 per module for the site materials. (Site materials may be reused an unlimited number of times.) Registration includes course materials, classroom instruction, and a certificate upon graduation. Supplementary materials suggested in the modules may be purchased directly through Pentecostal Publishing House, or Learning Centers may choose to order these materials in bulk quantities for the convenience of their students.


Module #1: Finding Your Ministry
Module #2: Personal Growth, Discipline and Accountability
Module #3: Ministering Across Cultures
Module #4: Principles of Teaching
Module #5: Evangelism I- Personal Soul Winning
Module #6: Evangelism II- Church Growth Concepts
Module #6: Disciple-Making
Module #7: Human Relations
Module #8: Family Matters
Module #9: Principles of Christian Leadership
Module #10: Church Administration
Module #11: Basic Bible Doctrine I
Module #12: Basic Bible Doctrine II
Module #13: Church Planting/Daughter Church Planting

Sample Lessons



Contact Information

Rex Deckard
Apostolic Training Institute Coordinator
Email: rdecka@juno.com

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