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"The Depth Factor" Money Back Guarantee

posted by Michael C.

Website: balanceinme.com
Author: Jack Costa

A 60 day full money-back guarantee applies to The Depth Factor. Luckily, you don't need to trust the vendor on this guarantee.

Clickbank, which operates as a transaction processor for The Depth Factor, mandates the seller to respect this promise. Though an informational product can not be returned to the seller, it's nonetheless covered by this money back guarantee. In truth, there's no need to write to the vendor.

If you wish to ask for a refund, you can do it by opening the purchase confirmation email and pressing the support link there. You'll have the refund in due course. You do not need to provide any explanations or anything like that. And no, there really are no strings attached.

To ensure you order the product through Clickbank, click the link above. You will, then, be included in the guarantee they give.

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