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The Pentecost Sunday campaign continues to place a vital emphasis on reaching the lost with the only  message of salvation ... The message of repentance, water baptism in the lovely name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the infilling of the Holy Ghost evidenced by speaking with other tongues!

This coordinated effort works to fulfill what has become a divine mandate for the United Pentecostal Church International taking "The Whole Gospel to the Whole World." Every person in North America has a right to hear the truth. The church is responsible for carrying the Gospel to them. As we are laboring in the last days, it is obvious that extraordinary commitment will be needed to accomplish this goal.

We want to encourage every church and minister to participate in the Pentecost Sunday campaign this year. Through the concerted efforts of the church, the evangelization of North America is a reachable proposition. The prospects of the accomplishment of this bold effort stand little chance of success without your involvement. But, with the support and participation of every minister and church member, we can expect the greatest harvest the church has ever known.
Please contact us with any questions or ideas you may have as you delve into this event, for we are anxious to assist you and your church in the harvest.

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