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To learn more about the various Home Missions ministries, simply click on the title of the ministry below.


Life in Focus Education (LIFE).

Formerly known as ACTS, Life in Focus Education trains people in money management, alcohol and chemical treatment, anger management, grant writing, and employment development.


Apostolic Association of Retired Christians (AARC).

Baby boomer retirees now represent the largest, untapped volunteer work force in North America. A.A.R.C. seeks to help them fulfill the commission of Jesus Christ while evangelizing North America.


Apostolic Training Institute International (ATI).

ATI International ''s purpose is to provide future leaders with the necessary tools to succeed in ministry and leadership, provide pastors with resources to equip and develop leaders in their local church, and assist prospective leaders in finding their place in service and ministry.


Black Evangelism Ministry.

The Black Evangelism Ministry''s purpose is to serve the constituency and their communities within North America. This ministry program helps train men and women to reach Black and African American people.


Christian Prisoner Fellowship (CPF).

CPF has developed evangelical prison ministries in Oregon, Texas, and Mississippi. Our desire is to promote this work in every federal and state penal institution across North America.



Christmas For Christ.

Christmas for Christ is a fund-raising program of Home Missions. The funds, received as special offerings during the Christmas season, are used to enlist, train, and financially support missionaries who are sent to establish churches in unevangelized and underevangelized areas.



Church Growth.

Home Missions hosts church growth conferences over the internet via webcast. This enables ministers and leaders worldwide to view the conference, free of charge and in the privacy of their own home or office.




The North American Church in a Day program''s purpose is to assist small churches and districts with their church building needs. The program is building and buying in locations across North America. Find out if your church qualifies!



Evangelist Ministries.

In the twenty-first century, the need of the hour mandates that we train and outfit every God-called evangelist to reach the lost through intense burden; to encourage, equip and edify the saints so they may fulfill the work of their ministry; to create an atmosphere for revival by including the whole church in the vision of evangelism; to encourage and strengthen the Pastor so he may lead the church to reap the greatest harvest of souls ever.



Home Missions & Emerging Districts.

This ministry is designed to aid Home Missions churches and smaller church districts. Home Missions provides instructional materials annd financial support to help promote the development of congregations throughout the North American continent.



Home Missions Training Seminar.

The purpose of the Home Missions Training Seminar Online (HMTS) is to equip current and future Home Missionaries to be effective in starting a church. The lessons will give practical insight on an array of subjects from spiritual warfare issues to the long-term strategy of multiplying themselves and the churches they are starting. The seminar, however, is not limited to just home missionaries. It will be a valuable seminar for anyone who is currently in ministry or for anyone who aspires to be in ministry. The lessons will be relevant to preachers in all phases of ministry and will offer practical, real-life lessons that can be applied in each individuals harvest field. These lessons will bring encouragement and a hands-on knowledge of the scenarios that ministers face while trying to preach the Gospel to the whole world. The presenters are seasoned men of God who have proven field ministries.



Metro Missions.

There are presently 26 approved Metro Areas. Currently, 9 metro missionaries minister in 8 metro cities. The Home Missions Division is now accepting applications for metro missionary appointment to more metro cities.



Multicultural Ministries.

This multi-faceted Home Missions program is reaching out to evangelize and meet the spiritual needs of diverse ethnic groups of North America. There is a special focus on the areas listed below, as we seek to minister and fulfill the work of God within several communities.



Pentecost Sunday.

Each year on Pentecost Sunday, we commemorate our deliverance from spiritual bondage by celebrating the power that breaks chains and sets people free! Let€s share our experience with family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers; many of them are in desperate need of God€s redemption.



Spanish Evangelism Ministries.

Spanish Ministries is designed to bring the gospel of Acts 2:38 to the 42 million Spanish speaking people of North America. Our goal is to plant churches in the United States and Canada so that we may effectively reach the hispanic community with this message.



Spanish Training Institute.

The Spanish Training Institute was started to provide support and instruction for those who wish to evangelize Hispanic communities. The program continues to grow in attendance and in effectiveness.



X Project.

X Project is a program to encourage and coordinate the practical and beneficial involvement of dedicated persons (both minsters and laymen) as X Project Missionaries with fully-appointed metro missionaries or identified home missions churches on a short term or continuing basis.

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