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Metro Missions

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  • One-third of North America's population lives in the ten largest metropolitan cities.
  • 130 million people reside within the 31 Metro Missions areas.
  • 38 countries around the world have more preaching points per capita than the metro areas in North America.
Metro Missions exists to facilitate and promote church planting in metropolitan areas and to assist those churches and ministers with their needs. Currently, Metro Missions supports Metro Missionaries who are endeavoring to evangelize and disciple over 130 million people in 31 metro areas. There are 10 foreign countries that have more UPCI churches/preaching points per capita than Louisiana, the most evangelized district in North America. There are 27 foreign countries with more churches/preaching points than Houston, TX, our most evangelized Metropolitan City. There are 75 countries that have more UPCI churches/preaching points per capita than New York City.
To enter a large city and begin the process of planting a church is overwhelming for one man alone, but Metro Missions brings to bear vital resources to assist Metro Missionaries in their mandate. Metro Missions can equip and empower men to make their vision a reality with your support.
Do you have a burden for a metropolitan area? Metro Missions can equip and empower you to make your vision a reality. If you are interested in becoming a Metro Missionary, contact Metro Missions.

X Project

Do you have a passion for ministry and want a way to get involved on the front-lines of outreach? Click here to find out information about the X Project. This short-term Metro Mission program gives you the support you need to launch a ministry within a structured program.


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