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Friends of American Missions

Home Missions has under its umbrella over 40 different ministries. Each of those ministries fulfills a needed component of real ministry.

The three common colored threads of activity that HM provides for each of those diverse ministries are:

  • Envisioning
  • Equipping
  • Empowering

To accomplish these three tasks for each of these ministries the following processes have been followed. There have been five primary sources for funding HM Efforts

Christmas for Christ was launched in 1966. When CFC started its primary focus was investing in Home Missionaries and equipping them.

Through the years the ministries under the banner of HM has increased by over 3,000%. Some of those important additional ministries fund themselves, others are un-funded; others are under-funded.

Multicultural Ministries, Spanish Evangelism and Black Evangelism are examples of ministries that have historically been under-funded. In each instance of under-funding the sole source of revenue to complete the much-needed funding has been Christmas for Christ. Obviously, as these ministries are funded the piece of the pie available to be given directly to missionaries gets smaller.

This is only a small part of your partnership and investment through FAM. Thank you . . . thank you church for linking with Home Missions to continue the impact of these great ministries.

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