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Christian Prisoner Fellowship (CPF)


Christian Prisoner Fellowship website: www.ChristianPrisonerFellowship.com

"Break-Out" is CPF's periodical that provides ministry reports, testimonials, and CPF news. Resourceful articles from CPF volunteers across the nation are featured with helpful information you can put into practice in your local ministry. Contact CPF to sign up to receive "Break-Out."
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Christian Prisoner Fellowship (CPF) is a ministry committed to extending the hope and power of Christ's gospel to over 7 million people currently behind bars, on probation, or on parole in North America's criminal justice system, as well as to their families.
  • Do you have a friend or loved one who is incarcerated?
  • Do you have a burden for the incarcerated men and women in your community?
Through CPF, you can contact a network of licensed CPF chaplains trained and dedicated to reaching your friends, family, and those in your community behind bars or in transitional living situations. Or, if you have a vision to serve in this ministry, CPF can equip and empower you to be involved.
Chaplains are currently working toward the goal of establishing fellowships in every federal, state, county, and local correctional and transitional-living facility. CPF provides instructional and motivational tools to equip these committed volunteers with skills, qualifications, and credentials necessary for effective ministry.
National Directory of CPF Ministries
Would you like to locate a licensed CPF chaplain? Looking for a Christian Prisoner Fellowship in your area? Please Contact CPF, and we will help you get updated information.
Christmas for the Children
Christmas for the Children is an annual outreach to the nearly 2.5 million children of North America who have a parent in prison. This program has unlimited potential in connecting your church to children in your community who need the caring support of a Christian family, not only at Christmas, but throughout the year. Contact CPF for information about the program so your church can reach out and build relationships with children and families in your area.

In addition to the frequently used forms above, the following books are available for your development:
  • Christian Prisoner Fellowship Study guide and Certification Workbook by HMD Staff - $10.00
  • Breaking into Prison by Michael Rickenbaker - $7.95
  • Call for Freedom by Charlie Mahaney - $2.00
  • If I Be Lifted Up by Charlie Mahaney - $3.00
  • A New Dimension of Faith by Charlie Mahaney - $3.00
  • Satan Trip by Charlie Mahaney - $2.00
  • An Open Door to Evangelism by Albert & William Dillon - $25.00
  • Revival Behind Bars by William Dillon - $10.00

To purchase these books, go to the Home Missions Store.

How You Can Be Involved
Pray Donate Volunteer
Please join us in seeking the Lord to demonstrate His presence and power through CPF. Contact CPF to receive "Break-Out" which lists special prayer requests. Thank you for your interest in supporting CPF. Your gift will help in reaching over 7 million incarcerated men and women across North America. Contact CPF for details on making a donation. CPF is a volunteer-dependent ministry. CPF believes it is vital for volunteers to be faithful and active within their local church, and only accepts volunteers with their pastor's approval. To volunteer, Contact CPF.
Contact Information
CPF National Coordinator
Michael Rickenbaker
(615) 425-5173


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