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Sheaves for Christ and Mother’s Memorial – Sheaves for Christ gives foundation to the gospel by helping Home Missionaries purchase property. This year a significant number of applications for SFC grants were honored. The Ladies Ministry also allocated funds for literature, MulticulturalMinistry, and various other outreaches to Women’s Prisons. A great ''thank you'' to the Youth Division and Ladies Ministry of the United Pentecostal Church, International.

Director of the Year
– HM’s Director of the Year is Connecticut’s David MacDonald. Brother MacDonald led Connecticut to an increase of 46% in giving to Christmas for Christ. Connecticut is also one of our fastest growing districts—having grown from 21 churches to 32 churches and preaching points in ap-proximately four years. Their Christmas for Christ offering of $37,587 was an all-time record from Con-necticut. We salute David MacDonald, 2010-2011 HM Director of the Year!

CFC Applications
– Home Missionaries, your Christmas for Christ application must be at World Evangel-ism Center by January 15, 2012. Appropriate signatures are needed. Late applications automatically re-ceive a lower priority of consideration. The January 15 deadline gives time for Regional Directors to re-search the applications from their region. Applications can be downloaded from www.homemissionsdivision.com.

CP425 – CP425
is an initiative to plant 425 new churches/daughter churches each year for the next four years. The closed ministers session at General Conference was a time to be challenged to establish an-other preaching point. Several hundred commitments were received. Our goal is to create a sustainable culture where a church planting a church is the norm. We are beginning our second year and continue to receive numerous commitments for new church and daughter church plants. What city or town near you has no Apostolic witness? Have you considered starting a daughter work or preaching point? For information about church planting, log on to www.cp425.com, www.homemissionsdivision.com/CP425, or speak to your District HM Director.

Launch Your Ministry (LYM)
– At General Conference, ministers were stirred by a strategy to develop and release men and women into ministry. General Superintendent David Bernard has been active in his support of this great effort. LYM aids in inspiring men and women into ministry, encouraging pas-tors in training and development, and providing resources and connections for success. For more infor-mation, contact Pastor Nathan Scoggins or Pastor Mark Johnson at pastorscoggins@hopecenter today.com or visit www.launchyourministry.com. LYM has trainers available to help a district or sec-tion. Also, outstanding training resources are being compiled to make it possible for every local pastor be able to develop sons and daughters in the gospel. A preacher who does not reproduce himself with at least one more preacher will leave no lasting legacy! ''How shall they hear without a preacher?''

Because of the Times 2012 –
January 17-19 marks the annual BOTT Conference in Alexandria, LA. There is complimentary registration to Home Missionaries. The Pentecostals of Alexandria will provide Home Missionaries with a code to use for online registration. This code will also be used for seating of Home Missionaries in a special section and for seating requirements at the mission’s banquet. To request this complimentary registration, please contact the Home Missions Division at 314-837-7300, ext. 348 or khamby@upci.org. For more information about Because of the Times, go to www.thepentecostals.org. Holiday Season – Thanksgiving and Christmas – This will be my last opportunity to wish you, your church, and family the best of Holiday Seasons. On behalf of the executive team, the Home Missions Division, and our entire staff, we wish you the best during the holidays. If we can be of help, please feel free to call on us.

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