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A Sustainable Culture of Churches Planting Churches
What is CP425?

Answer: CP425 is a strategic focus from the General Home Missions Division
(HMD). It is designed to create a culture in North American where establishing
preaching points and daughter churches is a norm for every church in North
America. The motto: Churches Planting Churches!

CP = Church Plants
425 = 10% of the existing churches in the UPCI

CP425 is a five year effort emphasizing churches planting churches.
Establishing preaching points and daughter churches is an approach to
evangelism that centers on multiplication instead of addition. Instead of counting converts we begin counting congregations.

As envisioned, CP425 will provide a faster approach for producing the workforce for spiritual warfare. The workforce for spiritual warfare is the spiritual marines who establish new beachheads of evangelism. CP425 will encourage developing new preachers and sending them into the work of starting a church.

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